Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Reading the long list of ingredients in my toothpaste, some of them I can't even pronounce correctly, wondering do I really need all this to clean my teeth or we have an alternative. Going back to roots is a FAD nowadays and who does not want to follow the trend. Switching to  Neem datun (twig) is one of the wisest decision I took to improve my oral health and hygiene. 

Neem, as we all know, is the wonder herb with numerous health benefits. It is popularly known as 'Village Pharmacy'. In many rural areas still, neem datun is still used and considered better than the toothbrush and paste. 
Neem twig is chewed for a few minutes. It releases a bitter extract which acts as a cleaning agent. The twig fans out into a natural bristle brush which works effectively to clean the teeth. 

Let's check out some amazing benefits it offers:

1. It is fluoride, sugar, and sulfate free. 
2. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.
3. Prevents plaque formation and discoloration of teeth.
3. Treats swollen gums.
4. Act as a natural teeth whitener. 
5. Maintains alkaline levels in saliva. 
6. It is easy on our pockets. 

I am glad I switched to our very old trusted DATUN and I am sure you will be too. For a bright smile and strong teeth, let's give it a try. 


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