Friday, March 25, 2016

HERBAL HAIR RINSE (Rose + Green Tea)

The aroma of rose is a boon to your skin, hair and soul. Who does not love the smell of fresh rose flowers?

Rose water has been used extensively in  Indian household whether it is for culinary purpose or skin toner or eye soother. Today, I wanted to focus on how it can be a SUPERFOOD for dull and damaged hair.

Rose water has some amazing benefits to offer for any hair type:

  • Help prevent dandruff
  • Moisturize and condition hair
  • Prevent frizz
  • Minimize hair fall
  • Add shine and fragrance to hair
I am so excited o share with you this herbal hair rinse. It is so easy to make and the best part is it is all natural and cost effective too. 

All you need is two simple ingredients Roses and Green tea. You can use either fresh rose petals or dry rose petal. I have used dry rose petals food grade. The one we use to make Thandai (Indian Sweet Drink). 

You can read about the benefits of Green Tea for hair and also a wonderful Scalp Detox treatment here http://www.simplelivingworthtelling.com/search?q=diy+scalp


  • Take a bowl and add about 1/4th cup of dry rose petals and 1 green tea bag. If you are using loose tea add about 2 tablespoons. 
  • Then pour in 4 cups of hot water to the mixture and cover the bowl with a plate..
  • Let the mixture steep overnight. This will give a strong decoction.
  • Then strain and transfer it to a container or bottle. I have used a spray bottle so that it can be applied easily. You can also use the applicator bottle which we use for hair oiling. 


  • Use it as the final hair rinse after shampoo and conditioner. Massage the mixture into the scalp and apply it all over the hair. You don't need to rinse this out. But if you want to rinse I would suggest to rinse  at least after 10 to 15 minutes. Although I prefer leaving it on and let the hair air dry. 
  • Use this rinse every time you wash your hair
This extra step in the hair care routine will help you in achieving the hair which is more manageable , shiny and soft to the touch. 

Keep me updated if you use this herbal hair rinse. 


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