Friday, June 12, 2015


A few days back, I bought this book called The Food Babe Way by Vani Hari, which basically talks about the hidden toxins in our food. One of the chapters in the book reveals the truth behind what is in our tap water and how it can be disastrous to our health. She mentions that the tap water is laced with toxins, including pesticides run off, pharmaceutical residues and hormone impersonators. 

What alarms me more is that it's not only important to drink clean water. It is equally important to bathe in clean filtered water. This is because harmful chemicals in our water supply can enter our bodies through the open pores while we are showering. My brother always complained about the hair fall problem he is facing because of bad water quality. At first I could not relate to it but now I do agree with him.It's been a year I have started using shower filters and seeing a significant difference in my skin and hair quality. No more my hair falls crazily and also my skin texture is improving.

Chlorine is the most common hazardous chemical which tap waters are loaded with. Not only it affects the skin and hair it is also linked to cancer, asthma, severe eye irritation and other allergies. Some other chemicals in tap water are aluminium, chromium, lead, bacteria, pesticides and many others. An array of health problems like the cognitive decline in elderly, skin allergic reactions, damage to kidney, liver and other organs, birth defects and many others are linked to toxins found in tap water.

There are n number of options available when it come to filters. I would suggest to do your own research and opt for the best one.


  • Do not drink straight out of your tap.
  • When buying bottled water for drinking make sure the bottles are BPA free. 
  • Attach the filters in the kitchen as well as washrooms. Both filters can be attached easily without any outside help.
  • Refer  http://www.ewg.org/research/ewgs-water-filter-buying-guide

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