Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The social stigma of having an 8-6 job is becoming more apparent.Especially some women take pride in saying that they are woking full time and are extremely busy. To them, women sitting at home are good for nothing as if they are wasting  their time in unproductive activities. 

When I came to USA, I came across these questions quite often. Hey, what do you do the whole day? Don't you get bored? Why don't you take up some job? Well, of course out of pressure and to maintain my "status" that I am well educated and  can definitely work in a foreign country, I took up a full-time job. And that's when the real struggle started.

I used to wake up at 5 a.m. , clean the house, cook, have breakfast, pack lunch for me and my husband and out of home by 9 a.m. Trust me, my husband is quite cooperative. He shares hands in household work and his job is equally demanding.He was trying hard to manage both well, as he wanted me to be happy and content. Even I thought I will be happy once I get a job. 

But that was just the misconception. I was doing everything as if I have to finish up a race, no matter I win or loose, I have to reach the deadline. I was cooking as if I just have to cook to fill our stomach, eating as if it is  the most futile activity on earth. I have no time to pursue my hobbies of crafting and writing. Yes, I was minting money. Definitely our bank balance was "Rising" but our quality of life was "Falling", falling where there is no peace, no happiness no fun.

There are people who can balance work and home very well. Hats off to them. But honestly I am not a SUPER WOMAN. I have my limitations and a certain way in which I want to accomplish things in my life.I may not be a superwoman but definitely a super cook, caretaker, cleaner, organizer, dishwasher, crafter, writer, blogger and much more.

I am not here to justify or give my opinions on whether one should work or not. It is an individual choice.The only issue I have is when people do not understand why someone has decided to quit working. Why a decision to stay at home was taken. The nagging question, What do you do the whole day, irritates me to the CORE. These ignorant people should realize and respect the decision of others and if that's not possible for them its better they mind their own business at least.

Your Corporate job does not define you, it is your personality and values which do, your creativity and intelligence too.

If housewives are bombarded with such questions and judged with preconceived notions there will be a time when homemakers will become extinct just like dinosaurs !

Dedicated to all the homemakers who try hard to keep up with what their family needs the most, their TIME.


  1. well said my dear
    really appreciate it

  2. Brillant perspective. Stay at homes know it all, but need a jolt of self realization every now and then which this article provides

  3. I enjoy your blog very much, you give great advice and it is all based on healthy, natural choices! Thank you! Particularly, this article was great. I think you spoke the mind of many, many women and families. Time is the most precious gift we have and will never ever be able to be "bought" back by money! Kudos to your choices, I applaud you.

  4. Very well said. I'm a working women but i love to take breaks between my projects so that i can spend quality time with my family. But in my breaks i hear these questions all the time. I wonder how could people be so immatured and that why cant they mind their business !!!

  5. Loved this article..!!Every single word...

  6. Very true khushboo, At times I feel like saying to those asking questions,' please step into my shoes take responsibility of the needs of my house, child and husband. Do all numerous house chore things and then come up to ask the questions.