Friday, May 29, 2015


So finally Friday came. I know most us wait for the weekend. I might sound CORNY, but I start feeling festive from Friday morning :-). Mostly on Friday nights me  and  my better half watch some old Rajesh Khanna movies as we both are a big fan of him. So definitely we want something to munch and that's when experimenting in the kitchen begins. So here I am with this amazing recipe Or I should rather not call it a recipe because it is basically a Combo where you just need to assemble some ingredients together and you get these delicious Sandwich bites. This fusion recipe where East meets West. I have also sneaked in some veggies in it, although on weekends I love indulging in some not so healthy stuff.The sandwich has the flavor of Bombay Chaupati and a hint of American Sauces. So let's peep in the recipe.


  • White or Wheat Bread your choice.
  • Veggies again your choice. I used sliced tomatoes, cucumber and kale.
  • Tomato Sauce 
  • Mustard Sauce 
  • Mayonnaise or Cream cheese.
  • Black pepper 
  • Chaat Masala 
  • Bhujiya


  • In a small bowl, I mixed tomato ketchup and chaat masala. Quantity depends on how many sandwiches you are making. I was making two and the bread slices are large so I used about a tablespoon of ketchup for each sandwich. Chaat masala can be adjusted to taste.
  • Now lay the slices of bread and start layering the sauces. I applied mustard sauce (1 tablespoon each sandwich) then I applied chaat masala tomato sauce.Top it up with kale leaves and bhujiya(Bikaneri).
  • On another slice, I applied cream cheese and top it with tomato and cucumber slices. Season it will black pepper. 
  • Now combine both the slices and cut it into 4 pieces. Relish the healthy sandwich bites. 
Do let me know in the comments below how it turn out.  Feel free to share your innovations with sandwiches. I would love to try them. Thanks for stopping by  :-). Enjoy!


  • I made one sandwich using cream cheese and the other with mayonnaise. Both of them tasted good. So give it a to both.

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