Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Cocktail of these beautiful ingredients provide you with a great deal of Vitamins and Minerals which your body needs each day.Lets review each super ingredient and decide whether to juice it up next morning or not. 

1)CARROTS: Sweet and crunchy carrots add not only taste but also a high nutrition content for a vibrant morning start. They are known for improving Eyesight, have Anti Cancer benefits,strengthen the Immune System and contain a treasure of Antioxidant power. 

2) GINGER: It is definitely Anti Cold and Flu, Anti Cancer , Anti Inflammatory and add a kick of aroma and flavor. Again it is also a power booster for Immune system.

3) ORANGE: Yet another ingredient which is obviously the most popular and delicious citrus fruit with wide range of health benefits .Known for its rich Vitamin C ( a potent Antioxidant)content it promotes healthy functioning of Immune System, act as an Anti Inflammatory, and also considered good for reducing Blood Cholesterol.

4) CILANTRO also known as CHINESE PARSLEY or CORIANDER: My Mom garnishes lentils and stir fry veggies always with cilantro. Of course it add a wonderful aroma and flavor to dishes but what else it do for health. Let see the magic of these green leaves. Cilantro is considered for removing heavy metals like aluminium, mercury and lead. Yes, our bodies are bombarded with these heavy metals through pesticide-sprayed food,food packaging materials. So our bodies must get rid of them .Other than this it is Anti Cancer, Anti Microbial, Anti Inflammatory,helps in maintaining Blood Sugar Balance in a body, excellent source of Calcium and boost the Immune System.

5)BLACK SALT(optional) Sneak in a small amout of black salt easily available in Indian groceries for  adding flavor and some healthy benefits. As per Ayurveda( Indian Healing Science) it aids in Digestion,comforts Intestinal Gas Trouble. It is considered a cooling spice in Ayurveda, it helps in relieving Heart Burn.

Phew....So many benefits. A must try for tomorrow morning. Right! Enjoy!


# I like making a smoothie of it in my blender rather than juicing it as I want all the fiber. 
# Breakfast is the best time to  get a nutritional punch.
# Buy Organic if possible.
# Avoid Adding store bought orange juice as it contains added sugars , preservatives and other nasty stuff.
# Always make a fresh batch and consume it as soon as possible  for getting maximum benefits. 
# If Black Salt is not handy replace it with Pink Himalayan Salt or skip salt altogether if you want

Disclaimer: Consult your doctor before  adding new stuff in your diet. I am sure they will not say NO to this wonderful veggie fruit combo.

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