Monday, April 27, 2015


                                       Mummy mujhe bhukh lagi......
                                      Maggi chahiye mujhe abhi......
                                      Maggi Maggi Maggi.........
But this time its not that unhealthy!!!!!!

How often have you heard that Maggi is unhealthy and should not be eaten. It was never my Mom's favorite. But for me and my brother it was not possible to not have it for more than a week. Not only its something I crave a lot for but there are so many of my Hostel memories associated with it. Whenever me and my roommates felt hungry we either reached our hands out for Bhujiya with ketchup or Maggi. Although we had no basic kitchen tools but still with few coke cans and a candle we manged to cook it, which was somewhat edible ;-). It was so much fun.  Also the menu of Sunday was always veg maggi in our hostel mess. We all make sure we stuff our stomach to the level that we happily skip the lunch for that day.

But how to make a healthy version of it. Well, Nestle claims that Maggi which is one of their top selling product does not contain MSG (Harmful food additive) and the instant noodles are not wax coated. Read more on this here.Contrary to this there are n number of posts floating around internet which say the maggi noodles are wax coated and the masala(flavored seasoning) powder contains MSG. The posts also suggest the right and wrong way of cooking maggi. .Read more on this here. If someone can help me with this please leave your advice in the comment section. Thank you in advance.

I find that the right way of cooking noodles work for me. I don't feel bloated or heavy after eating, neither suffer from any constipation issues ;-) which my mom always scares me off whenever I savor the noodles. So lets give it a try and see for your self. 

My Indo Chinese version of maggi. Me and my little bro did lot of experiments and voted this one our all time favorite. 


1. Maggi Noodles
2. Soy Sauce 
3. Sirracha Sauce or Any Chilli Sauce will work
3. Tomato Ketchup
4. Your favorite seasoning ( I used salt, turmeric)
6. Vegetables of your choice ( I used onions and green chilies, kept it real simple :-) )
7. Ginger Garlic paste
8. Cilantro for garnishing(optional) 


I have already explained the method above about how I cook maggi. Once maggi is cooked. 
Next steps are as follows:

1. Cut onions length wise and green chilies in small cubes.

2. Roast cumin seeds in oil. Saute onions, green chilies and ginger garlic paste. Add turmeric and salt. 
 3. Add turmeric and salt.  Once onions turn brown add soy sauce. I put about a tablespoon of it.

4. Now its time to add some hotness to this dish with Sirracha sauce and tomato ketchup for some sweetness.

5. Now add noodles and mix. Then turn of the stove and add the maggi masala powder. 

TADAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Savor it till the last bite :-)

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