Wednesday, October 15, 2014



My to-be-sister-in-law, called me few days back. She sounded worried. She said she needs an urgent word of talk. With my heart pounding which obviously happens when someone call you late night and want to talk urgently.

Well, she called me because my brother is getting  cystic acne one on his Right Side and two babies on his left side, and she needs a plan to deal with his Acne at home as she does not want to try the aggressive treatments. Huh! Really! That was SERIOUS..............You know why because in  two months from now a big day is planned.....WEDDING. And his to be wife want him to look PERFECT & FLAWLESS.

Whether it matters  to others or not but for us,and here I am referring to all the wives, want their Hubby Darlings to look best in the crowd.

Being a skin care therapist we deal with Acne clients on regular basis. We do extractions, high frequency, chemical peels , microdermabrasion. Despite all this I firmly believe that the lifestyle choices plays a crucial role in dealing with Acne effectively. 

So my top suggestions to Deal with Acne are :


Its the most important. There is a lot of controversy whether food affects the quality of skin or not. 100% it does affect. Our skin reflects what we eat. So eating a well balanced diet is the best thing we can do. 

- Eat Omega 3 Rich Foods. The essential fatty acids which are anti inflammatory in nature. Eat plenty of flax seeds, walnuts, almonds. 

- Eat Zinc Rich Foods. Zinc is anti inflammatory and attack the acne causing bacteria P-Acne.Incorporate lentils, kidney beans in your diet.

- Eat lots of green veggies and colorful fruits to get a good dose of vitamins and antioxidants. 

- Say no to WHITE foods. Avoids refined grains, white  bread, pasta, white rice.

- A big good bye to Sugary drinks and Sodas please.

- Some studies relate Acne and dairy products. If possible try to avoid cheese, whole milk, butter and other dairy products. Try unsweetened almond milk, trans fat and dairy free margarine spread. For someone like me cutting dairy altogether was giving me fever so I rather switched to non fat skimmed milk products and that too helped me tremendously. Give it a try it HELPS.

- Water Intake. Apart from consuming 6-8 glasses of water, Green Tea and Super healthy Smoothies helped me in clearing my Acne.



    Its my second favorite and I swear by it when it comes to healthy skin texture, that pinky natural glow every women crave for. The following benefits will get you moving on the path of physical fitness with determination:
    - So you are like me who wants Apple Rosy cheeks but don't want to put on Blush. Exercise increase the blood flow which carries oxygen and nutrients to working skin cells. So nourish your skin cells and enjoy the NO Makeup Beauty which reflects from inside out.

    - Exercise to detoxify. It helps in flushing out the toxins and cellular debris. It reduces the frequency of breakouts.

    - Tones up the muscles which definitely makes us look better overall.

    - Ease stress. Stress worsens the skin conditions like Acne. So Exercise and live stress free and Acne free. 


    - We need to wash our face twice daily. Make sure to wash after workouts ( who wants sweat and dirt clogging the pores. Its gross!).

    - Do not skip the night cleansing routine as our skin produces more oil during night and by not washing our face we are providing a perfect environment for acne casing bacteria( P Acne ) to flourish
    and grow.

    - Make sure to remove Makeup before going to bed.

    - Change your pillow cases every 3 days. They may be holding a lot of germs which we do not want on our face.

    - Mobile cleanup. We must sanitize our mobile phones, after all we all are mobile junky and have germy encounters with our phone all day long.

    My Favorite D.I.Ys from Mother Nature:

     - OATS: 

    Perfect for sensitive skin and to clam down inflammation. 
     It also helps in healing the acne marks. 
    • Oats mixed with water makes a perfect exfoliator for those who want to skip harsh exfoliators. 
    • Oats mixed with honey makes a perfect healing mask.  


    It has been used for centuries to enhance beauty when used in facial masks. It acts like a Magnet in pulling away the oil and impurities from skin pores. It makes an ideal mask for DEEP PORE CLEANSING. Mix Clay with equal amount of water and apply 1/8th to 1/4th inch thick layer on face. Avoid area around the eyes . Leave it for 5-10 minutes Once a tightening and pulling sensation is felt gently  remove by Luke warm water. Don't worry about the slight redness which may appear, it will go away in sometime. Do tone and moisturize face afterwards.

     - FULLERS EARTH( Multani Mitti):

     It is a staple ingredient when it comes to herbal beauty. It has tone of amazing skin benefits. To name a few it absorbs excess oil, improves complexion, unclog pores, reduce post inflammatory pigmentation  and so on. 
     Mix a 1 tsp. of fullers earth , a pinch of turmeric( anti-inflammatory, lightens scars) with water to make a thick paste. Apply over the effected areas and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it off with Luke warm water. Use it once a week.
     - ALOE VERA

    My last favorite is Aloe Vera. It is soothing and has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. A perfect mask for Acne prone skin. In additions it helps in healing and hydrating the skin. I love using it fresh right form the plant, in its purest form. But in case of unavailability many health food store carry 100% Aloe Vera which works great. Lightly massage the Aloevera gel on your face and once it is absorbed rub ice.

    With right lifestyle choices and effective natural mask we all can beat Acne.

    So don't stress out. Be patient and consistent. 
    ACNE is STUBBORN ans so are WE....:-)


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