Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ghee: The Better Butter

Ghee: The Better Butter

Back then I used to put ghee in almost everything whether its veggies, rice, lentils, chapattis and my most favorite Rajasthani cuisine Dal baati . Oh I loved it so much! It has been a staple in my diet. The aroma and caramelized flavor of ghee is unforgettable.

However when it comes to weight watching and slimming down during my marriage, I choose not to consume ghee and tried other plant based oils which were considered healthier. I followed the crowd and believed ghee to be unhealthy.

To my surprise 2 years back I learned the many benefits of Ghee and switched back to the love of my life. Since then ghee has a special place in my kitchen as well as in my heart.

Yogis, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Nutritionist and Experts consider Ghee as a super food because of the many benefits this gold liquid offers. It is a rejuvenating and longevity promoting food.

So here are my top 10 reasons why I love ghee so much:

  • Excellent Cooking oil: Ghee has a high smoke point of 400o – 500 o F (204 o – 260 o C) making it ideal for cooking at high temperatures. Its perfect when you want to saute the seasonal veggies. It is ideal for all cooking needs.

  • Ghee is rich in oil soluble vitamins D, E, K. It also enhances the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and minerals from other foods strengthening the immune system.

  • Ghee stimulates secretion of gastric acids which aids in digestion.

  • Ghee is rich in Butyric Acid a short chain of fatty acids that is said to have anti-cancer and anti-viral properties.

  • It can be applied topically for cure of burns and blisters. In Ayurveda it has been used as a base for ointments for treating burns, blisters and skin rashes.

  • It is rich in flavor, nutrition and considered therapeutic for its medicinal values. Also it acts as a catalytic agent that carries the medicinal properties of herbs to the tissues.

  • Shelf stable. It won’t turn rancid at room temperature for up to one year without refrigeration. It should be ideally stored in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid.

  • In Ayurveda ghee is considered Sattvic meaning pure as it contains no artificial color ,flavor or preservative.

  • Ghee is suitable for lactose intolerant people as the milk solids and lactose is removed in the process of clarifying the butter.

  • Ghee nourishes mind and body. It improves memory and makes the body flexible by by lubricating the connective tissues. It is specifically beneficial for hair, skin and eyes.

Still not sure then consider this :

At the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India in addition to other perks and rewards the gold medalists were awarded 222 pounds of ghee each. Yes that’s true! While 112 pounds of ghee to each silver medalist.

CAUTION: Persons who have high cholesterol or who suffer from obesity should be very sparing in using ghee, or not use at all.
  • The Goodness of Ghee by C.S Bates,
  • Healthy Ghee: The Ultimate Superfood by Tammy Lambert
  • Eternal Beauty by Dr. Pratap Chauhan


  1. Hey Genie, It's wonderful to see you blogging about your life and learning. And the benefits of ghee has come timely for me. Keep writing, girl! I'm following you.

    1. Thanks Sweetheart! Let me know if you want me to write on specific topics..if I have the required information I will definitely write.