Friday, June 18, 2010

Thank The Special Someone!

I would have always been an introvert if he would have not told me the importance of loving and being loved. I would have never drove the car if he would have not been there to coach me. I would have always been a dumb if he would have not trusted my dreams...I would have been a selfish jerk if I have not seen him living for others....Dad I would have been incomplete if you weren't there for me always...On this special occasion of Fathers Day I would like to thank you for everything you did for me. Thanks for being a great companion in the morning tea sessions where we discuss anything and everything ..rite from my latest crushes, my failures...my future plans ...to my smallest pains I felt in my life...I am grateful that I have not only got a father in you but a true honest friend who has been always there for me....and I am lucky enough to get this friendship in all my relations whether its Mom, Di, Bhai, Akshay....thanks for giving me this wonderful family....n yes Dad i extremely miss the "Champi Tel Maalish", Akshay just dont have that expertise....need your guidance....Love You Papa!

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