Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Hard To Say Good Bye!

Today at LAX Airport, 17th Feb. 2010 4 p.m.....I am leaving Akshay and heading towards security check, from where I cannot come back. I wanted to give him that last hug, that last kiss, last time I wanted to hold his hand and say I Love You before leaving. Its damn difficult. I just couldn't keep my eyes off from Akshay's innocent face. His eyes were speaking everything and I was feeling so helpless. We spent a whole year together. My day starts and ends with him. I scream at him, nag him, but I always saw calmness and love in his gestures. I sometimes wonder how does he manages his anger. We kept looking at each other till I didn't went through the last security check. Although it was too difficult for me to leave him....but I am happy that I have someone who made saying Good Bye so difficult for me!


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  2. Reading your blog brought tears in my eyes, but am glad that you didn't succumb to your fear of flights.
    As soon as I come home from office when you were there, seeing your face removes all the tiredness, and I start feeling nostalgic. Miss those days khushi.

  3. and why u had to say "Good Bye" at all to ur better half???????????????????

  4. I started crochet in US and love it...ur blog is grt!