Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Journey as a Crafter!

Hi friends, I am starting as an amateur in writing. This is going to be my first blog and I am very excited to proceed this exciting journey where I can share my feelings, my experience, my learnings from life,my fears and much more with people who are strangers to me yet they are sailing in the same boat. I know everyone has their own personal space and they don’t want to share this with other people, but I decided to do this as I want to..I really do.

I am living in United States of America….most of us dream of that. But truly speaking the day I landed at LAX Airport I was least excited to see the beautiful views , the huge buildings, infrastructure, modern gadgets etc. etc. I was only missing my family, relatives, friends….i was missing those people whom I never thought I will ever miss….u wont imagine I was even missing my maid..who used to do cleaning work at my home…yes I was missing her too…the flow of emotions were so intense that initially I used to feel..when will I go back..back to my country my people..i.e. India. I used to nag..nag a lot. Days passed and I realised that there is no way out and I have to stay here at least till my husband’s project will continue.That was the peak time for me to decide whether to waste this time in nagging or should I make it worthwhile.

I started reading books. One Day I was in a book store. I saw a book entitled "Start- A -Craft"by Sharon McSwiney, the book is related to learning the basics of card making. I never thought of Crafting before. I am a MBA graduate and always thought these things are for girls who are homemakers…and so do many people in India think..but still I thought I should give it a try. It started just as a time pass. I started collecting materials and equipments to make cards. I started chasing for craft stores. I must say in US people give a lot of importance to crafts, .and this was a blessing for me, as it aroused my interest manifold in this field. I started looking for you tube,google videos etc. so that I can accumulate many more creative ideas related to home decor, women accessories, recycled crafts….the scope is infinite.

Crafting is not all about expertise or skill , it is about creating something. These days when I wake up I don’t wake up dreary, thinking what I ll do the whole day. I wake up with a zeal that I ll create something. I ll do something creative.May be today I ll paint a dull wooden photo frame in bright sparkling colours full of life…make it more glamorous and appealing.May be I ll sell it or give it as a present to someone, but I m sure whosoever will see it will SMILE.


  1. Very nice blog, touched my heart.

  2. Very sweet blog and true from your heart ... When you got married and settled in USA I always have faith that you are not going to waste your time but will do something different as you have always done .My best wishes for your future...Keep rocking and smiling ...

  3. Khushbu....i really liked your blog :)
    it was nice that u shared your feelings n experience....i jus clicked on the link by chance. i always read the status msgs n visit the links of every friend on list but tend to skip reading those links...but wen i visited urs....i was so happy to read something written by you (creative again!)
    i think we talked very less in school days but now i constantly try to stay connected wid each n every fren at least thru FB n orkut...n ur photos i never miss...in the beginning i wondered how cum u r into this crafting n all...either ur husband is in this business or it is a joint venture of both??....cz u wer never so creative in school days....n ur profile dint show that u studied smthing of this kind!!!
    but today...i am glad to know that u have transformed ur hobby into a business!
    i spcly liked the first line of second para...cz i also dream of US :P
    i wish u LUCK for the journey u r on :)
    jus one suggestion: Apne nam ki spelling sahi kar le yaar profile me (Jian-->Jain) ;)

  4. Great start Genie :) Happy blogging! Post pictures of the stuff you make, and maybe instructions too!

  5. wow khushbo, you really are the same girl i shared a room with so very many years ago. i recognize the honesty and spirit. love you!! good luck and i will be following you ;)

  6. hmmm....great spirit quite expected from u...keep going .....cheers

  7. superb blog...:)
    all the best. keep it goin

  8. wow dear inspired by u.....superb

  9. Wow D, I m really impressed!! Keep goin..

  10. Wow Khushbu really inspired by ur blog...
    Wish u good luck for ur future..